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David Graham  Engineer Inventor P. Eng.

David Graham Engineer Inventor P. Eng. -- -- 780 450 2574 graham777@shaw.ca.

C E turbine running in lab.

Cold engine turbine running in lab

Turbo Gen Power Presents

Cleaner then Clean Electricity

A Once in a Life Time Investment Opportunity

Further information contact David Graham 780 450 2574.

Three Problems Face the World Today.

An Abundant New Source of Power.

An Engine that does not pollute .

An Engine that does not HEAT the Environment.

The Cold Engine Solves These Problems!

Advantages of the Cold Engine

Capital Cost Recovery in Years

Coal 40 t0 50
Nuclear 80 to 100
Gas 14 to 30
Wind 18 to 25

Cold Engine


Build Time in years

Coal 10 to 15
Nuclear 20
Gas 5
Wind 1.5 to 2

Cold Engine

0.5 to 1

Fuel Coats

Coal Moderate
Nuclear Very High
Very Very High
Wind None

Cold Engine


Maintenance Costs

Coal Very High
Nuclear Very High
Gas Low
Wind Very High

Cold Engine

Very Low

Reliability & Maintenance

Coal 24/ 7 Down 3 weeks / yr
Nuclear 24 / 7 Down 5 weeks / yr
Economically Unreliable
Down 80% - Unreliable
Down 90% - Very Unreliable

Cold Engine

24 / 7 No shutdown

Staffing Costs

Coal High
Nuclear Very High
Gas Low
Wind Moderate

Cold Engine

Very Low

Plant location

Coal Near water - mine
Nuclear Near water - isolated
Gas Near gas pipe- isolated
Wind Needs wind - isolated

Cold Engine

In city

High Voltage Grid

Coal Needs grid
Nuclear Needs grid
Gas Needs grid
Wind Needs grid

Cold Engine

NO grid needed

Plant Mobility Is it mobile?

Coal Fixed
Nuclear Fixed
Gas Fixed
Wind Fixed

Cold Engine


Availability of Fuel

Coal Coal - mine needed
Nuclear Ore - mine needed
Gas Near gas pipe line

Cold Engine

24 / 7 Everywhere