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So Where Do We Start?

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So Which Way Do You Think We should Go?

We can choose to restructure our society and move people in trains and buses rather than cars. But there is a limit. In the end it boils down to a choice between more people, more growth, more GNP more CO2 more pollution, and more heat into the environment, versus unemployment and economic stagnation. None of the enviromental proposed solutions will counter or even slow Man's heating and polluting the environment.

So Where Do We Start?

We start by removing the road blocks to success created by Environmentalists.

What are these road blocks? And how are they created?

They are created by government, pressured by environmentalists, and exist in every country, state and province. LET US ANALIZE THE ONE IN Alberta as a representative example.

Money Pit -- The Government Dilemma

by David Graham P. Eng., B.Sc., P.E.T. – ©: 2016 – free to reprint or republish with copyright acknowledgment graham777@shaw.ca.

Alberta, along with every other State and Provence, has created a boondoggle, a billion dollar money pit .

The States and Provence’s have two mechanisms to clean up pollution, regulations and research funds. The regulations are an attempt to force Industry to improve the thermo and pollution efficience of their prime movers (generating plants) and prime heaters (gas). The second tool is research funding through Carbon Credits.

The Climate Change and Emissions Management Agency is a non profit arms length agency of the Provence. This is where the billion dollar money pit lies. The Agency is accountable to no one except the Board, and the Board appoints the Board. So if you get a group of incompetents with no engineering knowledge and no engineering experience, they will perpetuate the incompetence. The best way to understand this is if NASA was to hire a group of arts graduates to design space craft and run NASA. Yes the CCEMA does hire Environmentalists, but Environmentalists have no engineering knowledge and no useful experience. This group of incompetents control and distribute Billions of dollars, with no idea of what will lower carbon emissions and absolutely no oversight and accountability to the public.

All environmental conclusions about the heating of the planet are wrong. Yes, man is heating and polluting the planet, but the Environmental analysis of the problem is totally off the mark. If the analysis is off the mark then their solutions are nothing more then a money pit. Yes, people it is our tax dollar they are wasting. Carbon tax is a government tax which you and I pay for in our utilities and purchases. This is not free money from corporation profits. All corporations pass their expenses off to the purchasers of their products and services. In the end, we the people pay the carbon tax.

Miss Diagnosis of the Problem

None of this is rocket science. It is basic common sense. So where or how did the environmentalist screw up so badly? I checked every conclusion the environmentalists reached, all of their conclusions are wrong. Then I looked into their education, and could find no engineering training in any university environmental program

Specific False Conclusion Reached by Environmentalists.

1. When the ice in the arctic and antarctic melt the oceans will rise. (Archimedes Principle says the oceans have already adjusted to the ice floating in it. Try lowering yourself into the bathtub without raising the water level and you will find out this is true.)

2. The only heat source to the Earth is sun light. (The largest heat source is the molten core. Sunlight is only a small fraction of the electromagnetic energy, radiation, from the sun to the Earth.)

3. There is no drain (sink) in the Oceans. (Wrong evaporation into the atmosphere is a huge drain, sink, in the ocean.)

4. Radio active forcing is a scientific law because we the environmentalist voted it in. This is defiantly NOT science. It is nothing more then voodoo science. (Why not vote out gravity as a law of nature and ask the environmentalists to step off cliffs?)

5. Man made CO2 is the major cause of environmental warming i.e the green house effect. This definitely is NOT science and NOT true. (No research just their opinion with no supporting evidence or mechanism.)

6. Carbon Capture, Pumping CO2 into the ground, will help solve this problem. (This is a total waste of money . I have no clue how this is suppose to help. Pumping CO2 into the ground after the heat from CO2 has escaped is a total waste of effort. The Earth has a efficient and natural means of converting CO2 into Carbon and Oxygen, it is called trees and plants.)

7. Carbon taxes will cause companies to produce less CO2. (Wrong companies simply pass the cost on to the public). Carbon Tax will make the public take note.

8. Man’s heat engines are the major cause of environmental warming. (Mans heat engines are a major source of heat, but not the largest heat source. Man can correct his contribution to the heating of the earth if we use cold engines instead of heat engines. Heat engines are one of many sources heating the earth. We also need to identify the other large heating sources, example earths molten core, electromagnetic radiation from the sun, etc and see what we can do to naturalize their impact.)

Carbon Capture

After the CO2 has been made, and the heat has escaped is totally stupidity to send it underground. The heat in the CO2 escapes into the air before the CO2 is ever pumped into the ground. There is no vessel, never has been and never will be, that will contain heat. Heat leaks through every container that you put it in, even a thermos. All a thermos does is slow down the speed that the heat leaks out.

The heat from combustion comes out in three gasses N, CO2, and steam. N and steam contain 90 % of the waste heat from combustion. So why not send these gasses into the ground? How stupid to deal with only 10 % of the heat and not even bother to address the whole heat problem

The second reason given by the environmentalist to capture CO2 and send it underground is even more stupid. CO2 is the problem because it creates the green house effect. This is pure bullshit, more accurately “voodoo science”. There is no mechanism to support this theory and no scientific study even undertaken, let alone published, to be critiqued that even postulated such a stupid theory. Any such study will not stand up under cross examination. To support this theory environmentalist created a “voodoo law” called “radioactive forcing”. They the environmentalist, voted in this law as a NEW law of the universe. Since when did science degenerate into a vote by a very small pole of about 12 people, non of whom have even a elementary science degree. I have never heard of a new scientific law being created by polling a select group of non scientist who have the audacity to add the word Science after their name

What have the world Universities succumbed to in its pampering to the ignorance of the masses, agitated by environmentalist.

Now let us address the real problem of CO2. CO2 itself is not the problem. Nature itself produces mammoth amounts of CO2 in every exhale of air from humans and animals. This is part of a natural cycle. Humans and animals exhaust CO2 to feed plants and tree, which convert the CO2 into wood, fibre and Oxygen. The Oxygen feeds humans and animals while the wood and fibers fuel the development of a multitude of resource on earth. Many of which human and animals feed upon such a grass and grains while wood is the basis of coal, gas and oil etc. This is part of the endless cycle of life. If man wishes to help dispose of CO2 then man can help nature by planting large tree along all our country roads and streets. One large tree will convert tons of CO2 each year for about 100 years at the price of one seedling being planted. This is the most economical way to help decrease CO2.

The small amounts of CO2 sent underground will have no impact on the production of natural or man made CO2. Natural made CO2 may be left to nature but man made CO2 is best handled by eliminating combustion, that is, eliminate heat engines. So the question. Is there a ”prime mover” that does not use combustion to produce power? Yes there is, the “cold Engine” which uses the reverse thermodynamic cycle to produce power, with no pollution, no heat and no CO2. Given this alternative there is only one meaningful solution to this problem . Eliminate the production of CO2 by man (eliminate heat engines) so that there is no need for the stupidity and wasteful Carbon Capture. Replace all “heat engines” with “cold engines” is the only long term viable solution

The Problem Behind The Problem – the “Straw Problem”

Eventually I began to wonder about the education of environmentalists. What were they trained in? Upon digging deeper I found all the important engineering needed to adequately do their job was never taught to them, in their university curriculum. What they appear to have been taught instead is statistics, politics (polling and propaganda), religion (cults and true believers). Environmentalists even admit to this in their definition of radioactive forcing, “Most (a poll) scientists believe (a cult of true believers) in “radioactive forcing” as a scientific law.” This definitely is NOT science. No scientific , hypothesis or study has ever been undertaken to prove this conclusion. No research just their opinion with no supporting evidence

About this time I began to wonder how the universities of the world had screwed up so badly? I began to look for other areas of inadequate university education. I found it elsewhere; in particle physics, in astronomy, in the social science, even in medicine. Now I wonder about the value of universities and their role in society? Who oversees the Universities? What checks and balances do we have on their squandering of public monies? This led me to quantify or define what constitutes an expert? Then I realized few university professor are experts in an any field. Professors do not even study their craft - teaching? What is their craft if not teaching? What does a professor do other than teach? And where was he trained to teach? The answer is the professor has no training as a teacher

Most professors have never worked in industries or even in the environmental field. Few professors have any relevant experience or success in their chosen field of expertise. This is a major problem for society if we cannot trust our universities to adequately do their job. When addressing the environmental problems the universities, with no engineering input, experience or analytical abilities, created a “straw problem”, CO2. and then invented a phony law to support the “straw problem”, radioactive forcing

Unfortunately attacking the “straw problem” is a waste of money and will do nothing for the real problem. The most amazing feat was to get ALL the universities of the world to buy into the “straw problem” and “phoney science”. This is the most amazing feat performed by academia in the past 500 yeas. Historically there has only been one greater deception propagated on mankind. That was when the Pope set himself up as being the only person allowed to talk to God and become the SOLE arbitrator of ALL subjects including science. According to the Pope the earth is flat

Who bought into the “Straw Problem”?

Large business bought in because they saw money in it. Politicians bought in to cloak themselves in platitude of motherhood, and attack their opponents . Bureaucrats bought in to increase the size and power of their bureaucracies. Environmental professors bought in to maintain their job, and in doing so they had to create false facts and false studies. Then they made their students into “true believers”, shouting the virtues of their “phoney science”, while shouting down all opposition. Universities bought in, a second time, to raise revenues by teaching a NEW “false science”. The US government totally bought in just look at the organizational structure of their environmental department. There is only one motivating force driving this deceptive process – GREED.

What is a Expert?

An expert is a person with general subject matter knowledge and specific knowledge in the speciality. Experience in the speciality and success in working in the speciality. Without experience or success in the speciality the man in not an expert. Few professors have any experience outside of teaching and no track record of success in any field

The Proper Education of Environmentalist

To truly analyze the heating of the Earth here is what is required. Training in Engineering analysis, thermodynamics, heat sources and sinks. Training in electromagnetic theory that include motors, generators, transformers and electro dynamos. These subjects are only taught in engineering schools.

Why is electromagnetic theory important?

The molten core of the Earth with its electromagnetic fields is a dynamo that captures enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy from the sun and stars, stores it, converts some into heat in the molten core and transforms some into ever more powerful storms and transfers much to humans and all living animals and plants. This is a complex process that is not understood or even studied. It is the electromagnetic currents from the Earths core that create storms. The larger the stored electromagnetic energy in the Earth, the larger the storm. This is the problem man faces today, Storms are growing larger every year. A category 5 hurricane can be transformed into a tropical storm in very little time by draining it of its electromagnetic energy . This principle also applies to tornadoes, which can be dissolved in minutes. It is this stored electromagnetic energy within the Earth that causes earthquakes, continents to move, and volcanoes to erupt

A Billion Dollar Money Pit

Now that I have given you a summary view of the environmental issues and bullshit that needs to be dealt with, let us return to the Climate Change and Emissions Management Agency and its billion dollar money pit. First I am not qualified to comment on the funding spent on water and land pollution , my expertise is in the pollution and heating of the environment by heat engines only. Every dollar CCEMA has spent in this area is a total waste of money . Carbon Capture is a total money pit, as well as any attempt to increase the thermo efficiency and lower the pollutants from heat engines. This is the billion dollar money pit. There is only one cost effective solution - replace all heat engine power plants with cold engine power plants.

Current Trend

The current approach is to replace coal fired power plants with gas turbine power plants. This approach does eliminate the particle pollution from coal but not the dangerous gasses , CO, NOx, CO2, SO2 and SOx. This approach will save many lives but the downside is greater heat released to the environment. Gas turbine power plants produce more waste heat then coal power plants. This is not a solution to the heating of the environment, it aggravates the situation and accelerates climate change. Some solution CCEMA has come up with, aggravate and accelerate climate change.

The Only Solution

Since CCEMA has totally failed in its task of analyzing the problem and identifying a viable path to a solution, they, CCEMA, need to be disbanded and made accountable to the government as the peoples representative. This agency was formulated by environmentalist so that environmentalist could hide behind a veil of bureaucracy and not be accountable to anyone, to perpetuate their “voodoo science” and cover their incompetency, while racking havoc on mankind . A criminal conspiracy if I ever heard of one. It is time to act and eliminate CCEMA.

We then proceed by replacing heat engines with cold engines CONTINUE with. The Solution to Pollution The Cold Engine